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Top 10 reasons to get Soft gel Nails✨

Soft gel tips are on the rise for all the right reasons! Here are top 10 reasons why you need to consider switching it up!


Removing nail extensions is THE worst! It’s costly, very damaging to natural nails, time consuming and painful! Soft gel tips can be peeled of by simply soaking them in acetone for 15-20 minutes. No more damage, no more spending hundreds of rupees, saves you time and can be done at home.

    2.   Durable!

As soft gel tips are made out of gel, they are flexible and durable. Unlike press-on’s which are made out of ABS Plastic… soft gel tips last up to 3- weeks or more when applied properly!

    3.  Easy Application!

Soft gel nails can be applied in 3 simple steps! Find your size, apply nail glue on the tip and cure under a UV lamp for 30 seconds! And all done! (We do recommend prepping your natural nails for a longer wear)


Oh Honey soft gel tips come in a pack of 240 nail tips! That’s enough nails to get you 24 manicures! 

   5. Available anywhere!

Nail Salons are not accessible or available everywhere. It’s 2022, why are we limiting ourselves to traditional methods. Beauty should be accessible everywhere! From Kashmir to Kanyakumari! Oh Honey Soft gel tips are pre-shaped, pre-etched and ready to go! There travel friendly and light weight!

   6. Light weight!

Speaking of light weight, soft gel tips are as light as air! There thinner at the cuticle and thicker at tip! So they don’t feel bulky but withstand any activity! 

   7. They Look Natural!

Press on tips end up looking too fake and acrylic nails look too bulky. Soft gel tips are hitting the sweet spot! As mentioned above, they are thinner at the cuticle and thicker at the tip!

  8. Customize-able!

Everyone has different shaped nails & cuticles! If your in-between sizes, you can simply file the bigger nail tip down to best fit you! If you want a shorter length, you can cut and shape the tips according to your needs! Super easy! Super Customize-able!

  9. No more waiting for nail fixes!

Life is no simple road. Humans beings are clumsy & messy. If your tip(s) happen to pop off, you know going to the nail salon and having them fix one particular nail is a task! Not to mention the cost, time and hassle we end up going through. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Having your own nail kit at home, is pretty much a life saver!

 10. Avoid Covid!

Gel tips can be applied at home, so you can skip the line and covid-19 risks! Meeting less people along the way, is more safer in todays timer! 

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