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Frequently asked questions!

My order- Returns/refunds/cancellations

1. What is your returns policy?

We get it, sometimes we buy products and change our mind about it. Do not stress hon, we offer a 7 day hassle-free return policy. 

Please note: All products must be in the same condition that you received. Unused and intact in original packaging. 

For instructions on how to make a return please click this link.

2. Can I cancel my order?

Yes love, you can cancel your order within 12 hours of placing it.

Please contact us within the 12 hour window by clicking the link.

3. My order is lost or stolen.

Oh No! We are sorry to hear this hon. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. We request you to please contact the shipping agent or click this link to talk to our customer service department.

4. My order is missing an item

Our team is working very hard to bring our products to your doorsteps. If you are missing an item in your order, please click this link and contact our customer service department.

5. How do I know my order was placed?

For every order placed we send out a confirmation email. Please check your inbox of the email account you used at check out.


        1. How much is shipping?

Shipping cost depends on delivery location and total weight of each package. All charges for the same are mentioned at checkout.

       2. Do you ship internationally?

As of now we only ship within India. However we will start shipping internationally very soon! So stay tuned!

About- Soft gel tips

            1. What are soft gel tips?

     Soft gel tips are pre-shaped, extremely durable, dissolve-able nail tips. Meaning, once soaked in acetone for 15-20 minutes, they become gel-like. Hence, soft gel! Unlike hard gel these are easy to remove without stripping your nail beds.  Once cured with glue, the light weight tips are adhered and secured in place for up to 3 weeks or more.

            2. How are soft gel tips different?

  Unlike hard gel, soft gel tips are dissolve-able in acetone making them much easier to remove and saving your natural nails from being stripped or filed off.

            3. How long do they last?

When applied correctly, the tips usually last up to 3 weeks. However, factors like lifestyle, nail prep and others may apply.

           4. What is the difference between soft gel and hard gel?

Soft gel can be broken down with acetone whereas hard gel must be completely filed off!

Common Questions

          1. My natural nails are flat, how do I use soft gel tips?

Everybody has different nails, so it's important to customize your tips according to your shape, size and c-curve. If your c-curve is flat, meaning you have flat nails, simply apply more glue to tips to fill the gap between your nail and the soft gel tip. Another solution is to apply builder gel, cure it and then glue on your nail tips. This gives your nails a more prominent c-curve.

          2. Can I customize the shape and length of the tips ?

Yes love, you can.

          3. If my nail tip pops off can I reuse it?

No, do not reuse your tips after being worn. Use a fresh tip/set to avoid bacteria and dirt.    

          4. Can I skip the Primer or Top coat?

No, do not skip this. The primer helps the glue adhere your tips and the top coat seals your manicure, preventing the polish from chipping to give you long lasting nails.

          5. How long does it take to apply Oh Honey soft gel tips?

It can take up to 30 minutes, depending on how fast you are.

          6. I have really short nails, can I use Oh Honey soft gel tips?

Yes! Of course. Our soft gel tips can be applied to any length of nails. Just file and shape the tip to best fit you. Then simply Press, Cure and Paint!

          7. Can I paint my tips and then apply them?

No, the UV/LED light must cure through the transparent nail to adhere the glue. Apply your tips first

Video Guide

My Nail Kit

Application guide

Step one- Nail prep

Prep is key for long lasting soft gel tips!

1. Trim your nails.

2. Push back your cuticles.

3. Remove any shine on your natural nail with a buffer/gentle file.

*PRO TIP- Clean the surface of your nail with an alcohol wipe to remove bacteria and oils. We highly recommend you watch our video.

Step two- Size & Prime

1. Find the correct size of tips, remember to go side wall to side wall.

2. Apply one coat of primer to your nails with bottle number 1!

*PRO TIP- If you're in between two sizes, file the bigger size down. Remember to customize your tips according to your size.

Step three- Glue & Cure

1. Apply a  small bead amount of Glue gel to the nail tip. Scrape the glue brush against the round edge of the tip. All fingers are different sizes, so use accordingly.

2. Bring the nail and tip closer to the lamp. Turn on the lamp and gently press down the tip from the cuticle, ensure the glue does not squirt out and no air bubbles are left.

3. Let it cure for 30 seconds and once your happy with your seal, repeat for remaining fingers.

*PRO tip- If the glue has squirted out around your nail after curing, simply file it off.

Step four- Paint & Top coat

1. Let the creative juices flow and paint on your designs!

2. Let your nails air dry or cure, depending on your nail paint.

3. Now simply apply a top coat and cure it for 30 seconds under the UV lamp and tada your chip free professional quality tips at the comfort at your home!

*PRO tip-  Massage your cuticles with cuticle oil after completing your manicure for healthier nails!

Video Guide

My Nail Kit

Removal Guide

Step one- File it down

1. Cut the tip of your nails with a nail cutter.

2. File down your gel tips with a nail file until a very thin layer of the tip remains. Be careful not to over file and avoid damage to your natural nail.

Step Two- Soak it off

1. Wrap each fingernail in acetone-soaked cotton pad and seal with aluminum foil.

2. Leave in on for 15 minutes.

3. Now, you can remove the foil and scrape off the dissolved gel tip with a cuticle pusher

4. Massage cuticle oil on nails and tada! You're all ready for your next set!

*PRO tip- If your tips are still not dissolved, soak them for a little longer!