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Nail trends 2022 Edition!💅🏻✨🥰

As the year is coming to an end, lets revisit the BEST nail trends this year!

  1. Pop art nails!

Pop up nail art took the internet by storm this Halloween! It always fun to throw a little bit of color!   

    2. Gelly nails!

See-through colored nail tips were so fresh and the perfect experiment this year. A clear base with see-through colors was trending all over the globe!

    3. Shear shimmer!

Minimalistic yet glamorous! The shimmery metallic nails were just perfect for us low maintenance gals!

    4. Optical Illusion!

Optical illusions nails were the first of its kind! At least to our knowledge! The reverse ombré effect created by millions of nail techs was simply magnificent. The combination of dark and light tone created this reverse illusion, it takes a beat to settle in. 

    5. Mini french!

Adding color to just the tips of your nails is the perfect way to highlight there shape. Take seconds to create but it takes you to a futuristic Paris! 

    6. The swirls!

The swiggly-wiggly lines flow freely and so elegantly to one nail to another! The pastels are by far our favorites and perfect to cheer up any boring day!



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